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Carmelo Bryant – Skilla baby, Sada baby Song Lyrics in English

Song NameCarmelo Bryant
ArtistSkilla baby, Sada baby
AlbumCarmelo Bryant
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Released Date4 March 2020

Im pissed off thinking bout dropping opps
Me and doug dropped a opp in a pop
Me and chop arguing bout da drop
Blood I know you meant to say bhop but it’s all love

I got my brothers in the whop and they all blood
Touch my blood make sure you see yo own blood
We been getting money all month we ain’t Bone Thug
We been getting money all year this the second month

Im wit my ganggg
We’ll tear this bitch upp
Money ain’t a thangggg
Well get to cutting up ( Act a fool )

Go hit the scene I’ll cut up if it’s bool
Bitches love when I pull up with my brother
Hoes know it’s going down we go fuckem
I see a opp L2 Sada shoot det bitch

Running plays on court Im go bussem
Hoes kno I got heart ion love them
You a good one I just huggem remove det bitch
He say he go kill for me then prove that shit

Soon as he breath wrong you better slumpem (Nigga do that shit)
Soon as the opp dropped I got to cruncking and dancing on my Skuba shit
I give Baby man a brick he go move that bitch
Don’t trust that nigga with yo work he on det pookie shit

I heard he tote guns that don’t work that’s goofy shit
I heard that young nigga skilla in suits and shit
I heard Skuba still rocking timberland boots and shit
I heard Casada bang red been them blew that bitch

I heard trayvon don’t bang butll bang yo bitch
I heard Casada go help his gang get rich
I heard trayvon do don’t take no shit hell go in yo shit

Mhmmm you heard right
We go end up on the top take this turn right
This mac turn around gang got the the turn pipe
Big squad apes in the trap havin bird fights
All the feins begging US while they burn pipe
All the stipper run to us when we walk in

Take me to the boom boom room ain’t no talking
Know I bought the drank fuk a voss fuk sum henn
Kick the hoe niggas out let the boss nigga in
Lay them hoes on the rolls play the cross we go win

Sent my last bitch to Nashville brought me 10
Meet my cuto down the way in a Lex that’s my kin
Call me crimson because I done took lost to the chin
Feel like I been nailed to the cross fa my sins

In the deep end swimming like a dolphin no fin
Ian tryna say im Jesus but they did try to kill me
Stacking money up we gone get rich doing filthy
Fuck retaliation to whoever if they guilty

Idgaf if they innocence kill me
Ain’t no such thing as innocent if you in the middle of it
Young dawg got banana clips he’ll peel him some
Young dawg drawn with det bop hell scribble some

Call me Chris Paul with the rock I’ll assist me some
Skuba tie long with the Glock I’ll pick me some
Call me Ewing to the opp I’ll pick on niggas
Yo bitch bipolar got to dumpin Shell flip on niggas
Why we chilling with the bitches who don’t flick on pictures

Bitch you chilling with them niggas better fix yo feelings
Bitch you tripping with them feelings better fix yo dentist
Bitch you tripping im in LA but it ain’t bout fitness
I know how to flip the script but I ain’t no gymns

You ain’t speaking facts out the lips you ain’t no realist
You ain’t getting extras out the pot you ain’t no chemists
Why df is you claiming that thot she ain’t off limits
Why df is you up on that road then ain’t no chickens

Why df is you hitting that road them is not yo joints
You suppose to look out for yo bro you don’t get cool points
You supposed to look out do to bro you don’t get bool points
We had to hit that road when have no choice

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