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How – Lil Baby Song Lyrics in English

Song NameHow
ArtistLil Baby
AlbumMy Turn
Genre Hip Hop / Track
Released Date27 February 2020

Runnin’ up this money been a breeze (Phew)
Flew her in, she fuck me ’til she leave (Uh)
She done fell in love, I’m sellin’ dreams
I done fell in love with buyin’ jeans (Jeans)
Hate I found a love for sippin’ lean
Hellcat faster than a Demon, new G-Wagen with no key
Put baguettes in my AP, I ain’t on playin’ about they beef
Niggas know I play for keeps, treat my brothers like they me
Had to make myself a boss, it ain’t no nigga workin’ me
I invest a couple mil’ and let my money work for me
Know they hate the way it happened, probably somewhere cursin’ me
I don’t know nothing ’bout no killin’, all I know is murder beats
I got rich and understand my next three cars gon’ be a lease
I ain’t never losin’ sleep about no beef, I roll in peace
I put diamonds in my teeth, came from grindin’ in the streets
Get a load and break it down and sell it all and then repeat it
Pray to God for all the dawgs behind the wall, they need they freedom (Free y’all)
When I be on TV and perform, I hope they see me (See me)
Once it’s up, it’s stuck, we get over on niggas, not get even
Forgiato rims on my dually, I ride diesel
Only rock Amiris with my team, not no Diesel
Got some niggas up in Philly play with birds like they Eagles
She keep sayin’ I’m the man, that shit boostin’ up my ego
Still in Atlanta sellin’ bags like they legal, I’m just sayin’ (Yeah)

How you try to run off with the wave and you ain’t surfin’?
Gave ’em all the drip, them niggas still acted thirsty
I ain’t even counted up to see what I’m worth yet
All I know is put it up and keep on workin’
I can’t even hold you, I been gettin’ loaded
Devil on my shoulders
God got my back, so I keep on rollin’, yeah

Drop-top McLaren (Oh), everybody starin’ (Lookin’)
Lil’ one from the hood turned into the man (Big dawg)
Get a lot of money (Yeah), try to stuff it in my pants (4 Pockets)
I might do the woah (Woah), nigga, I don’t dance
Rings on my hand cost a fortune
Shout out to my mama, no abortion (What’s up?)
D-Boy, white Air Forces (Crisp)
Different kinda bags, I got choices (Flavors)
And I got the swag for a loyal ticket
Think I’m hearin’ voices in my head sayin’, “Kill him” (Kill him)
Know she’ll forgive me, I’m one of the real ones
Really from the trenches, turn a dollar to a nickel (Get ’em)
Baddest of the baddest, guess I gotta wait to pick ’em
Try us, then we smashin’, then they go to playin’ victim (Kill ’em)
I don’t know what happened, all I know is he got hit up
I’ma need a napkin, chains drippin’, VV’s lit up
I’ma get the money and go hard long as I get up (Get up)
We gon’ beat the trial, I told lil’ bruh to do some sit-ups (Push-up)
Win, win, win, no lose or draw, I never give up (Nah)
Nigga, what you bangin’? What you claimin’? Throw that shit up (4, Baby)

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