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By | April 20, 2021

Friends, in today’s digital age, everything is slowly being connected with the online internet. Nowadays we can also do online dating. There are also many Dating Website’s and Apps available for dating infact, in which boys and girls can date.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a very popular Dating App. Friends, you must have heard the name of Tinder and maybe you are also using it. But did you know that, Tinder Kya Hai? And how to use Tinder App? If you do not know then do not worry, in this article we have given you complete information about Tinder, so read this article till the end.

What is Tinder – What is Tinder?

Tinder App is one of the most liked online Dating App in the world. In which we can like and dislike the profiles of other Tinder users by Swipe Left and Right and if any two Tinder users like each other’s profiles, then both of them match and then they are chatting with each other. Can do

Tinder is the most popular Dating App in the world with around 55 billion Matches. The Tinder app has been downloaded over 340 million times. Tinder is available in 190 countries and 40+ languages.

Tinder App is rated 3.3 on the Google Play Store and has 100M + Downloads. The Tinder App has received a 4.0 rating on the Apple App Store.

Features of Tinder App

Free Features

1. Swipe

In Tinder, you can Like / Dislike anyone’s profile by Left / Right Swipe. Also, you can skip profiles like Super Like and Swipe Down by Swipe Up.

2. Match & Chat

When a two user’s profile matches, then after that two users can chating with each other.

3. Show me

In this feature you get the option of Men, Women and Everyone. You can select the gender whose profile you want to see on your Tinder app.

4. Age Range

In the Tinder app, you get an age limit of 18 to 100+ age range. In which the range you set, you are shown the profile of users of the same range of age.

5. Notification

Whenever you get a match with someone in Tinder or someone’s message comes, you get his notification.

6. Activity Status

If you keep this feature enabled, then other users will be able to see when you were active in the last 24 hours. And if you disable it, no user will know whether you are active or not.

7. Show Distance in Mi/Km

We also show how many miles / kilometers the other user is in the Tinder app. In this feature, we get two units of Miles and Kilometers. Whichever unit we choose, we will see on the profile of the user how much is his distance in the same unit.

Premium Features

1. Message Before Match

With the help of this feature, you can send a message attached to anyone with Super Like.

2. Priority Likes

With the help of this feature you can increase the chance of a match. It helps you to profile Likes and Super Likes with you before free users. This feature is available for Tinder Platinum Subscribers.

3. Recently Active

Next to the name of all the profiles that have been matched, you will see Green Dot which shows the activity status of the user.

Tinder Gold and Platinum Subscribers see this Green Dots in Grid of their choice.

4. Passport

Friends, in the free version of the Tinder App, we can only see users around us on Tinder up to 161KM. But with the help of this feature, we can see all the Tinder users from all over the world and can chat with them by matching them. This feature is available for Tinder Plus, Platinum and Gold Subscribers.

5. Likes You

With the help of this feature, you can see whether he has liked you before liking someone. This feature is available only for Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum users.

6. Super Like

You can try this feature when you don’t like Talk. You can send Super Like by clicking on Star Icon. The one you have sent like Super Super will be instantly highlighted and if they also like your profile, then match can happen.

Free users get a Super Like every day. And Premium Subscribers can send 5 Super Likes daily.

7. Rewind

If you accidentally like or dislike a profile, you can bring the same profile back with the help of the Rewind feature.

8. Boost

With the help of Boost feature, your profile is promoted for 30 minutes. It is likely to have 10x more matches. With which your users see more users and the chance of the match is also increased. Any Tinder user can buy Boost and Tinder Subscribers get 1 Boost Free every month.

9. Super Boost

Friends, this is an absolutely amazing feature. Tinder claims that with the help of this feature you are 100x times more likely to get matches. Super Boost Ultimate Tinder Hack.

10. Top Picks

The most popular profiles are shown in Top Picks. Free users get one Top Pick Swipe every day and Tinder Subscribers get one Top Picks Set every day. This feature is available for Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum Subscribers.


Friends, in this article of Tinder, we have tried our best to answer all the questions related to Tinder. We told you in this article that, Tinder Kya Hai – What Is Tinder In Hindi And How Does Tinder Work?

After that you learned how to download Tinder App, how to create an account on Tinder and in the features of Tinder App, we learned about Free Features and Premium Features.

Download Tinder app : click here

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